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8:52 AM


Three children, two sisters and a brother, grow up believing that the boundaries of their luxury residence are the boundaries of the real world. The whole action takes place within the narrow limits of their villa where they live with their parents and the fences that surrounds it. The father is the family leader, he decides and forms all the rules that everybody has to follow including his wife and himself. The villa is actually a prison that was build by the parents to protect their children from what they think will destroy their children’s life- real world! This is their goal…none of the children should understand that over the fence, there is another, different, free life. And they succeed!
The film is highly allegorical. Nothing is what it seems to be, words loose their real meaning. Music, history, nature, technology, sex and love, everything is different in that microcosm. The children don’t know what’s outside, they are afraid of the outside world. If they disobey the rules the punishment that follows is heavy…even death….
And all you need to manipulate someone so that growing up will believe in a different reality is a lie… A lie made up by the father and with the help of the mom, that has an incredible ability of persuasion every freedom is lost, the ability of thinking is lost. You just obey. And as I said all you need is a lie and money…..

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